Dienstag, 9. April 2019

Seminar für unser Amadeus Staff

Drei Lehrerinnen aus der Nairobi Waldorf Schule kamen zwei Tage zu Besuch und hielten einen Vortrag über "Kreative Disziplin". Außerdem brachten sie den MitarbeiterInnen bei wie man die Freizeit der Kinder kreative gestalten kann.

What is discipline?
Discipline is not the same as punishment. Instead, discipline has to do more with teaching and involves learning how to respect others, what acceptable or unacceptable behavior, with a goal of helping to develop children who feel secure and loved, self confident, self disciplined and know how to control their impulses and who do not get overly frustrated with the normal stresses of everyday life.
In our society the word discipline can be seen as being harsh and rigid, which should not be the case!